The future electricity system
is digitised, decentralised
and decarbonised. It requires
customer-centric solutions
and brilliantly orchestrated


Electricity, conducted.

What we do

energyOS delivers energy management services to consumers and portfolio
services to electricity companies and other portfolio managers.

Product lines

eOS is designed for mass markets. It uses existing or low cost infrastructure
to keep upfront costs low and achieves exceptional payback periods and ROI
compared to other energy technologies like rooftop solar PV or batteries.

energyOS has two major product lines:


Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

AMI Services are a low-cost service package that can be immediately offered to vast portfolios of smart meter sites. AMI Services use existing smart meter infrastructure (Advanced Metering Infrastructure or AMI) and eOS ingests the smart meter data from the electricity company’s database each night or throughout the day.


Energy Services Infrastructure (ESI)

ESI Services use third party hardware (meters and switches) that are installed in the switchboard of the site (Energy Services Infrastructure or ESI). ESI supports real time and switching services and includes appliance level monitoring and control.

How we create value

energyOS delivers sophisticated, highly targeted services to all parts
of the electricity market. Our core value propositions include:

Working with energyOS

energyOS offers flexible solutions that are customised for our partners and clients.
Those solutions can be designed across a spectrum and include the following:



Client manages the cloud environment, uses the eOS software with its own energy data / metering infrastructure, and delivers the energy services itself using eOS. energyOS licenses the eOS software to the client using a Software as a Service model.

Bring your own
energy data

Bring your own
energy data

Client manages and maintains the metering and switching infrastructure and delivers the energy data to the eOS platform using an API. energyOS sets-up and maintains the cloud environment and eOS software, and delivers energy services to the client.

Bring your own
operations team

Bring your own
operations team

energyOS manages the cloud infrastructure, eOS software and either delivers or supports the delivery of energy services by the client. Where client has its own operational resources such as hardware procurement, installation teams or portfolio managers, then energyOS works with those client teams.

Turnkey energy

Turnkey energy

Client contracts with energyOS to deliver energy services. energyOS is responsible for all aspects of project delivery including hardware procurement, installation and maintenance, cloud environment, the eOS software platform, and service delivery.

Case studies

Case Study 1

Mass Market Energy Services for Retailers (ESI Services)

Our client, a major electricity retailer, is facing major changes to its business and operating environment including: a rapid increase in electricity bills in recent years, increased ‘price shock’ from its residential customer base, a misalignment between residential electricity prices and the costs of electricity supply, and highly uncertain future trends in consumption and peak demand.

energyOS designed a service package that gives consumers control over their electricity bills through bill management and load shaping services, increases consumer engagement with the retailer through new communications channels (online, smart phone, real-time notifications and personalised monthly reports) and helps the retailer integrate new technologies like rooftop solar and batteries.

Case Study 2

Residential Demand Response (ESI Services)

The residential sector is a major contributor to peak demand and the proliferation of residential air conditioners is one of the most significant, but unheralded, changes taking place to our electricity system. Demand response can play an important role.

Although demand response is widely used with industrial scale loads, it has historically been difficult to implement demand response programs with small-scale residential loads.

energyOS has implemented residential demand response services in multiple geographic locations that include targeted customer recruitment, consumer engagement services including real-time notifications, opt-out services and event histories for consumers; and sophisticated aggregation, load dispatch and reporting services for our client’s retail and network teams.

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About us

energyOS’s software platform, eOS, was originally developed by Australia’s national science agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

eOS is the most sophisticated energy services architecture of its kind for portfolios of sites or devices. Our team has been at the forefront of energy services for more than 10 years and includes the computer scientists that originally developed the platform at CSIRO.

energyOS has programs in NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia ranging from smart meter services, demand management, load matching, solar PV and battery portfolio management and new technology rollouts.

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